Worker Bee Adoption


Our Worker Bee Adoption gives your adopted hive everything it needs for 1 year. Includes an adoption certificate, a hive photo, some raw honey, & more.

Our Worker Bee Adoption is a high-level adoption in our Adopt-A-Hive Program. By joining the Worker Bee Adopters, you receive the honor of giving your adopted hive a name and you also supply your adopted hive’s needs for one year. Any excess funds that are not needed to support the hive are used to perform research and analysis on ways to help the honey bees fight diseases.

The Worker Bee Adoption comes with a 1-year membership in the Adopt-A-Hive Program as well as an official Adoption Certificate, a subscription to the Bear Country Bees Newsletter, Quarterly Update Letters, an 8×10 photo of your adopted hive, and a 3 lb. honey jug filled with 3 lbs. of raw, local honey.

Many people want to help the honey bees, but aren’t sure how. Our Adopt-A-Hive program allows everyone, including those with no beekeeping experience to help us in saving the honey bees. By becoming an “Adoptive Parent”, you provide your adopted hive with the care and maintenance it needs for one year.

For more information on our Adopt-A-Hive Program, see our Adopt-A-Hive Page.


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