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Honey Bee Smoker Usefulness - Featured
Jul 14

Are Honey Bee Smokers Actually Useful?

Master Beekeeping Basics

One of the most common tools that beekeepers use is a smoker (often called a bee smoker).

If you haven't seen a smoker before, this is what common models look like:

Honey Bee Smoker Components

The idea behind the smoker is that using it should help calm the honey bees down allowing the beekeeper to more easily perform inspections, capture swarms, etc. and (hopefully) not get stung as often.

A quick online search will give you online articles, social media posts, and videos by the dozens that make statements to support this idea.

In fact, bee smokers are viewed as such an essential piece of equipment that they are included by default with most Starter Kits.

But are bee smokers actually that effective? Does using a smoker actually help calm bees? Or is it yet another beekeeping myth that has been passed around?