Beekeepers Basic Hive Tool

By Bryce MacCabe

Beekeepers Basic Hive Tool


Every beekeeper needs a good hive tool in order to inspect beehives. This hive tool is easy to use and is very affordable.


Beekeepers need to check their beehives on a regular basis to ensure that their bees are producing wax and honey as well as to ensure that the queen is laying eggs. When checking frames inside the hive, it is often necessary to pry them free from the propolis the bees have built up. That’s where a hive tool comes in.

This hive tool has a longer, flat side on one end for prying when maximum leverage is need and a curved, claw hammer-like side on the opposite end for getting into tighter spaces. The flat end is also great for scraping beeswax off of frames when needed.

We use this hive tool exclusively because of it’s versatility, durability, and reliability. It has been so helpful to us that we now include it as part of our Starter Kit.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 1 x 1 in


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