3-Inch Cylinder - Large Beeswax Candle Made from 100% Pure Beeswax

3-Inch Cylinder

3-Inch Cylinder


The 3-Inch Cylinder beeswax candle is made from 100% pure beeswax. It’s perfect for indoor candle lighting because it provides a great natural scent and the wax doesn’t drip when burning.

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The 3-Inch Cylinder beeswax candle is a stock candle that utilizes the traditional look and feel of wax candles. As one of our largest candles, it trades off intricate shapes in favor of volume and a longer-lasting burn.

Like all of our candles, the 3-Inch Cylinder is handcrafted from 100% pure beeswax that has been filtered to remove impurities. This allows the candle to provide the soothing aroma of natural honey when lit.

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A beeswax candle (including the 3-Inch Cylinder) is unique in that it burns at a different temperature from most other types of candles. The different burn temperature allows the candle to burn drip-free*. A beeswax candle can be lit on a kitchen table, counter top, or similar surface without having to worry about it dripping. 

Beeswax candles make great homey gifts for friends, family, or neighbors (especially during the holiday season). They are much less common than the typical gifts you buy because you're obligated to. It includes a much more personal touch when you gift a beeswax candle.

Making beeswax candles (or other beeswax related crafts) is a pretty popular thing for anyone who likes a good DIY project. We've gone to painstaking lengths to test every possible way to make beeswax candles and have developed a pretty good system. To learn how we make candles or purchase supplies, check out these pages:

*Note: even though beeswax candles don't drip, we still recommend you put a plate or something else underneath the candle while it's burning.

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