32 oz. Honey Bear - Large Honey Bears with 32 oz. of Raw, Local Honey

32 oz. Honey Bear

32 oz. Honey Bear


32 oz. honey bear filled with 32oz. of raw, local honey that is sealed to keep the honey fresh. This is our largest size honey bear which great for frequent honey consumers.

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The 32 oz. honey bear is our largest honey bear and is filled with 32 oz. of raw, local honey extracted from real beehives. We seal all of our honey bears to keep the honey fresh and to preserve the great taste of raw, wild honey.

32 oz. honey bears are a large container that can be used for storage, honey sampling, topping for homemade bread or rolls, use in homemade recipes, or home remedy gifts.

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Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.8 × 8.0 in

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