Finally, An Action-Oriented, Online Beekeeping Essentials Course For New & Aspiring Backyard Beekeepers

Learn how to be a successful backyard beekeeper even if you don't have a clue where to start!

Why do you need a backyard beekeeping course if you can get "advice" for free?

Most backyard beekeeping advice sucks. It's filled with useless cheerleading, no starting point, no actionable steps, and hoards of bad information.

We've been through every possible up and down backyard beekeeping can throw at a beekeeper. Unfortunately, we've learned so many lessons the hard, painful, and expensive way because no one would show us the ropes and keep us from making dumb rookie mistakes.

Unfortunately, far too many new beekeepers experience what we did when we got started.

All too often, "experienced" backyard beekeepers sit off to the side and provide shallow cheering to encourage you to get into their hobby. But this is only so that they can brag about "helping" somebody else get started. What they don't do is bother themselves to dig in and help you understand every step you need to take, leaving you to figure things out by yourself.

What's worse, most of the current backyard beekeeping information you'll come across in your quest for understanding is, at best, incorrect and misleading or worse, straight up bad information. 

Under such conditions, how in the world are you supposed to know which information to trust?

For excited, aspiring backyard beekeepers, this incredibly confusing, frustrating, and can even make the whole endeavor seem hopeless.

If that wasn't bad enough, pretty much all of the beginner beekeeping trainings you'll find being taught by "experienced beekeeping gurus" are absolute rubbish

When you're trying to get started in backyard beekeeping, history lessons on how beekeeping came to be or the latest developments in the plight of the honey bees are not helpful.

Obviously, it's super discouraging to have something you want to do so badly only to find out that it's far outside your current reach. You don't want to have to wait to learn everything, but you don't feel like you can get started either. 

What you're looking for instead is solid information that gets you properly oriented and provides you actionable steps to take throughout your season that will actually help you become a beekeeper.

That is a tall order that nobody has attempted to undertake.

We experienced all of these frustrations (and many more) because we could never find a resource that would help us get started on the right foot and bypass all of the painfully dumb rookie mistakes.

So we decided to make one...

Introducing: Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad

Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad is the first ever online beekeeper training course that is designed to teach you the essentials, skip all the B.S, advice out there, and give you clear, actionable, start-to-finish instructions for successfully becoming a backyard beekeeper.

In this course, you'll discover all of the fundamental steps you need to take in order to successfully complete an entire season of backyard beekeeping. You'll also learn how to avoid all of the dumb rookie mistakes by having clear goals in each module and action steps to help you get there.

Begin your journey of becoming a backyard beekeeper

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you complete your purchase, you'll get instant access to all modules and lessons of the course. By the end of the last module, you'll have completed your first full season of beekeeping and be well on your way to backyard beekeeping mastery!

Clear & Simple Guidance

You'll avoid getting caught up in "Shiny Object Syndrome" and feel confident about how to proceed in your journey through learning sound fundamentals of backyard beekeeping.

Actionable Lessons

Each lesson in the course has a task or series of tasks that help you put what we teach into practice. This gives you real-world experience with implementing actual beekeeping activities.

Flexible Coursework

Complete the coursework whenever, wherever, and however you want. You set the terms of how much you want to learn in a given session.

Experienced Instructors

Get top-of-the-line instruction from 15-year backyard beekeeping veterans that have helped over 500 beekeepers get started over the past 7 years.

Always-Available Online Access

Access the course wherever and whenever you want to. All you need is an active Internet connection with the ability to log in to the Bear Country Bees website.

Lifetime Access

You'll have unlimited access to the course as long as you keep your account open with us. Once you complete your purchase, it's all yours. No strings attached. Forever.

Course Contents

Get Ready To Blast Off!
You'll get instant access to the all of the lessons of Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad when you complete your purchase. On occasion, we'll add bonus material and additional lessons to help guide you through the rest of your first-season journey.

Here's a breakdown of everything Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad will teach you:


Module 1: January - March

All of the essential items you need to have in place before your bee packages arrive in the spring. This includes your support structures, pre-ordering your bees + supplies, & getting everything set up in advance. You'll learn about the Beekeeping Timeline, the supplies you'll need, common pitfalls to watch out for, and more.


Module 2: April - June

Setting up your beehive(s) ahead of time in a way that sets your bees up for success and getting familiar with the tools and supplies you'll be using throughout your backyard beekeeper adventure. Then the fun part...picking up your bee packages and installing them in your newly situated hive!


Module 3: July - September

Regular hive check-ins, adding additional boxes onto your hive according to our 80% Rule, common disease diagnosis and treatments, and other important maintenance tasks. You'll also learn some of the preparatory items that will get you ready for extraction time (assuming your hives produce enough honey).


Module 4: October - December

Identifying whether or not you have enough honey in the hive to extract and then prepping for and carrying out extraction procedures. You'll then learn how to prepare your beehives for the winter to give your bees the best possible chance at survival and understand signs of needing to feed them come springtime.

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About The Course Instructors, Bret & Bryce MacCabe

Bret is a professional educator with 30+ years of teaching experience. He is our master beekeeper + COO and enjoys helping new backyard beekeepers get started. When he's not doing beekeeping, Bret enjoys creating custom-wood pens in his workshop and trying out new meats in his outdoor smoker.

Bryce is a hugely passionate digital marketer of over 10 years. He runs the business side of things at Bear Country Bees as the CEO. Outside of work, Bryce loves investing in real estate, reading Star Wars books, learning about rockets and trying out new technologies.

Together, Bret & Bryce have trained over 800 backyard beekeepers since Bear Country Bees was founded in 2012 and are thrilled to be your instructors throughout this course!

Backyard Beekeeping Instructors - Bret & Bryce MacCabe
Your Instructors - Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructors

Since founding Bear Country Bees in 2012, we've coached hundreds of aspiring backyard beekeepers and our customers have absolutely loved their experience! Here are just a few of the things our customers have told us about how our instruction has helped them in their journey to become successful backyard beekeepers:

 Jonathan MacLee

What A Great Group Of People!

Bryce helped me with an order at very short notice. When I stopped by to pick it up, Bret greeted us and gave us a world-class experience! These guys are very willing to share their knowledge & I felt like I'd known them for years.

Mark Knutson

Solid Advice That Fits Our Needs

The guys at Bear Country Bees are really professional and personable. They take extra time to coach us when we visit and we can always count on solid advice that fits our needs and the needs of our bees.

Savannah Clawson

Unmatched Service Quality

I really appreciate that the guys at Bear Country Bees responded to my emails in a timely manner and with a personal touch. Their service quality is unmatched by any other beekeeping company. I love this company and the service they provide!

This is not a guarantee that your honey bees will survive

We've defined a very clear goal for Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad: to help aspiring beekeepers learn all of the essential tasks needed to successfully complete an entire season of beekeeping. It's critical to have a specific purpose in mind. It's important that you understand that this is about learning the basics, not solving all problems facing honey bees.

Nothing on this page should be construed as a guarantee that your bees will survive simply because you implement all of the recommended tasks. Beekeeping is an agricultural activity and should be understood as such. Outcomes can be highly unpredictable and the health of your bees can change completely with no prior warning.

We want to be 100% crystal clear that there are absolutely no guarantees regarding the survival of your bees. No matter how good our coaching & teaching is or how closely you follow the instructions, things can still happen and your bees can still die. That's a normal part of being a beekeeper and it is a risk you must be willing to take. 

Buy this course if you're anxious to get actionable advice and real-world experience becoming a backyard beekeeper. Don't buy it if you're looking for a silver bullet that fixes all problems for all honey bees everywhere or want a guarantee that your bees will make it.

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We're Looking Forward To Helping You

Creating Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad has been one of the most challenging endeavors we've ever undertaken. We're proud that we've been able to rise to the challenge. 

We hope that you'll sign up for this course so that we can help you navigate the challenges and nuances of the backyard beekeeping industry and help you become a successful backyard beekeeper.

We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Bret & Bryce MacCabe