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Savannah clawson arts & crafts enthusiast

Unmatched Service Quality

I really appreciate that the guys at Bear Country Bees always respond to my inquiries in a timely manner and with a personal touch. Their service quality is unmatched by any other beekeeping company.

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Our Customers Love Our Service Quality

Heather Beecher 2nd-year beekeeper

Helpful, Professional, and Friendly

Every interaction I’ve had with the Bear Country Bees staff has been helpful, professional, and friendly. Everyone in this company has a genuine commitment to the success of beekeepers and the survival of their bees. I appreciate their expertise and look forward to getting more advice and products from them as I progress further in my beekeeping journey.

Nicole Wise Honey Customer

Helpful Every Step Of The Way

I’ve been thrilled with the service I’ve gotten from Bear Country Bees! They were very helpful every step of the way. Even though I’m located pretty close to them and didn’t mind driving to get my (local pickup) order, I was impressed at how willing they were to deliver my products so I didn't have to go out of my way. It saved me a lot of time and it was really appreciated!

Joseph Turley 4th-year beekeeper

Detailed, Quality Answers

I've had an awesome experience with these guys! The guys at Bear Country Bees always welcome my questions. I especially love that every time I send them a question, I get detailed, quality answers back. The advice they have given me has been a HUGE help. I feel confident that when I have questions or issues, Bear Country Bees will help me resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an official storefront?

Not at the present time.

Part of our long-term plans include having an official storefront for our local customers to come and visit us.

For now, however, we can accept local visits by appointment only.

What do I need to get started?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions so we've built a number of resources to empower our beekeepers:

In addition, here are some of the tools & supplies you'll need to plan on purchasing:

For additional details, please see our post on getting started in backyard beekeeping.

If you have other questions not answered by the information in these resources, please reach out to us. We'd be happy to help!

What payment methods do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept most major credit card and mobile payment options (e.g. Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.)

As needed, we can also accept cash and invoice payments.

Do I have to setup an appointment to visit?

In order to do our part to keep everyone safe & heathy, we do require that setup an appointment to visit us on-site.

To inquire about an on-site visit, please fill out the contact form above. 

What training resources do you have?

At Bear Country Bees, we're proud to offer more resources to help you be successful than any other company in the industry including:

Can I purchase products in-person?

Due to current circumstances, we encourage our customers to submit online orders instead of purchasing in-person.

Once we receive your order, we'll process it and then coordinate delivery or pick-up with you.

What types of updates do you send out?

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll get ad-free, no B.S. email notifications only when we publish useful content that will help you learn more about honey bees and/or be a better beekeeper.

In that spirit, we will send updates about the following:

  • Industry updates
  • Beekeeping best practices
  • Ways to help honey bees (even if you're not a beekeeper)
  • Important updates to our programs, website, or other parts of our business
  • Innovative honey bee products or services announcements

If you're interested in getting the best honey bee information in the industry delivered right to you, use the form above to sign up!

What sets Bear Country Bees apart?

Bear Country Bees is different than other companies in our industry and we want it to be that way.

In a nutshell, here are the biggest things that set us apart:

  • World-Class Service: beekeeping companies aren't known for having good service. We work hard every day to be the exception to the rule and it shows with how happy our customers are.
  • Constant Innovation: we believe in innovating everything we do including building new products, re-imagining the way beekeeping websites work, or even just providing incredible service.
  • High-Quality Products: you won't find any "budget" materials or products here. We have a firm philosophy of doing things right to maximize the value you'll get from our products and services.

If you'd like to learn even more about the things that make Bear Country Bees truly special, see here

Our central focus is making sure that we do the best thing for our customers. We have no quotas, no obligations to investors, and no other pressure that we answer to.

As such, we can focus solely on ensuring that all of our customers receive world-class support.
Bryce MacCabe CEO, Bear Country Bees