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The best way to start a beehive

Bee packages are the most common way for new beekeepers to get started with backyard beehives. Jump-start your own backyard beehives with 3 lbs. of Italian or Carniolan honey bees from the top apiaries in California.

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Bee packages are one of the easiest ways for beekeepers to get their honey bees into a hive. Packages are much easier than capturing swarms and offer better protection for the queen. In addition, by using a package you are able to observe the progress of the bees from the beginning which is very exciting for beekeepers.

At Bear Country Bees, we work with only the best suppliers of honey bees to ensure that your bees have every advantage possible. We love your bees as much as we love ours and want to give you the best bees we can. We're happy to instruct and help any beekeepers on installing bees from packages.

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