Education Center

The most updated, accurate honey bee information available including tips and best practices for beekeepers, general honey bee facts, and various arts, crafts, and DIY projects. 


The goal of our Education Center is to provide high-quality, up-to-date education materials to you as beekeepers and the general public. We work hard to add new materials on a regular basis to provide you with as much valuable information as possible.


Information beekeepers need to be successful including beekeeping basics, equipment & tools, swarm capture, wintering beehives, and more complete with articles, videos, tutorials, how-to's, and diagrams. 


Tutorials, how-to's, and other information designed to help beekeepers be successful and enjoy the beekeeping experience.

Beekeeping Supplies

A comprehensive catalog containing only high-quality beekeeping tools & equipment as well as helpful details and our take on each product.


Commonly asked questions we receive from our customers ranging from swarm capture to extraction to wintering hives. 


Helpful, friendly support from beekeepers who have over 13 years of experience and take a modern approach to beekeeping. 

Honey Bees

General honey bee information including hive structure, diseases, bee stings, communication, and the pollination process as well as involvement in our Adopt-A-Hive Program which allows anyone to help save honey bees

Bee Basics

Basics most people want to know about honey bees including different types of bees, the pollination process, bee diseases, and more. 

Adopt-A-Hive Program

An amazing program that allows anyone to help save honey bees by providing needed food, treatments, and supplies for one full year. 

Honey Information

In-depth details on honey including the history of honey, health benefits, composition of honey, home remedies, and other honey facts.


Information on when & why honey bees swarm, damage caused by swarms, and how to report nearby swarms to a local beekeeper.

Why learn about honey bees?

Become more informed

Learning about honey bees can help you properly identify the different types of bees as well as what to do when you encounter them. This provides protection for you, others, and the bees. 

Help save honey bees

You don't have to be a beekeeper to help save the honey bees. There are many ways you can help without being a beekeeper such as reporting a bee swarm or planting a bee-friendly garden. 

Acquire a new hobby

Many of our beekeepers became interested in beekeeping after learning about bees. It's a great hobby that can help you make a positive contribution in your community.

Crafts, Recipes, & DIYs

Outline of health benefits of using products made by honey bees along with delicious Honey Chef recipes that incorporate the use of raw honey and various honey bee related arts, crafts, and DIY projects. 

Craft Tutorials

Tutorials for those with the creative itch who want to make honey bee related trinkets or crafts that use beehive byproducts such as beeswax.

Honey Chef Recipes

Delicious, homemade recipes that incorporate the use of raw, local honey to create tasty meals that provide additional health benefits

Health Benefits

Thorough analysis of the health benefits found in honey, pollen, propolis, and other byproducts made by honey bees. 

DIY Projects

Wide range of honey bee related DIY project ideas such as planting a bee friendly garden or building your own pollinator bee house. 


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