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Starter Kit: The Essential Tools for Beginning Beekeepers

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Course Overview

Beekeeping is an exciting activity but you’ll almost certainly have questions such as, “what equipment do I need to get started?” or “what will that equipment cost?” There is so much information to consume and so many different beekeeping supplies to evaluate that it can easily become overwhelming. In this course, you’ll discover the Starter Kit, a selection of  essential tools you’ll need to be a successful backyard beekeeper. 

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Course Structure

Starter Kit Overview

There is a lot of beekeeping information to consume, including a never-ending plethora of beekeeping products you can buy.  How do you know which things you actually have to have to get started? In this course, you’ll get an in-depth look at the essential items that come as part of most beekeeping starter kits (including ours). We’ll also provide our recommended item combinations.

Beekeeping Suit: Your Beekeeper Armor

You need a beekeeping suit to protect yourself from bee stings. In this lesson, you’ll learn why your beekeeping suit is the most crucial piece of equipment you will have as a beekeeper and how to properly use it. You’ll also discover different types of bee suits along with our recommended suit. 

Hive Tool: The Most Versatile Beekeeping Tool

The most versatile tool in a beekeeper’s arsenal is the hive tool. Like a tape measure, screwdriver, or utility knife, this tool gets used all the time in various situations. With all of these uses, how do you get the most out of your tool? In this lesson, you’ll discover the basic uses for a hive tool that all new beekeepers should know. You’ll also learn about the two main types of hive tools along with our recommended tool.

Smoker: Calming Your Bees for Easier Inspections

One of the most iconic pieces of beekeeping equipment is the smoker. Many people have heard that beekeepers use smokers calm their bees for easier inspection but how do they actually do this? In this lesson, you’ll learn about smokers and how you can use yours to help you in your hive inspections.

Woodenware: Understand Your Bees’ Home

Woodenware is one of the more complicated aspects of beekeeping simply because there are so many pieces and parts along with just as many variations of each. With so many different pieces and parts, how do you figure out what woodenware you actually need when you’re starting out? In this lesson, you’ll become a master of the different pieces of woodenware that you need when you first start out. You’ll also discover different types of beehives and our recommended woodenware setup.

Recap & Resources

This lesson contains a brief overview of everything we’ve covered in this Starter Kit Course. We’ve also included a FREE resource to help you make sure you’ve got all of the equipment you need to be successful as a backyard beekeeper. We’ve also conveniently collected all of the links to the various parts of the Starter Kit so you can easily access them. 

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