Only a few field hives left for this year! Click here to secure your bees before they're gone!

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Last Call For Honey Bees For 2022!

With the season fully under way, we only have a few last field hives remaining. Field hives are the best way to get caught up to the rest of the herd if you got a late start this year. Submit an order ASAP to secure your bees!*
*Available via local pickup only!
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Bear Country Bees - Testimonial - Jonathan MacLee
These guys are very willing to share their knowledge and I felt like I'd known them for years after the first time I met them. I will definitely be using Bear Country Bees in the future for beekeeping help & products!
Jonathan MacLee 3rd-Year Beekeeper

Bear Country Bees - Testimonial - Mark Wirthlin
I haven't had a good experience with the other suppliers in the area, but I really like the way these guys do business. One thing that has impressed me all along the way with Bear Country Bees is that they are very good at communicating in a professional and timely manner. All around great service!
Mark Wirthlin 3rd-Year Beekeeper

Perfection in beekeeping is not found in a multiplicity of appliances, but in simplicity and the elimination of everything not absolutely essential.

Brother Adam, In Search of the Best Bee Strains

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World's greatest shop for honey bee by-products, beekeeping supplies, and more. Beautifully designed and engineered so you can quickly & easily find what you need.

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Rapidly growing collection of honey recipes that utilize the world's best sweetener for a more natural taste. Includes full meals, snacks, side dishes, drinks, and more. 


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On-going training articles, industry updates, announcements, and more to help you stay in the loop every step of the way

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Online course platform built specifically to help beekeepers and honey bee craft creators develop their skills. Filled with an ever-growing library of free and paid courses.


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Beehive adoption program that allows anyone to join us in helping save more honey bees. All adoption packages provide for the needs of your adopted hive for 1 full year. 
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We curate our training, content, recommendations and mentoring to your situation and with your specific needs in mind to give you the best possible chances to be successful.

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Access actionable articles, blog posts, online courses, honey recipes and more whenever you want with our ever-growing library of industry-leading online training materials.

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The needs of the industry are constantly changing. We adapt quickly to these changes so that you don't have to rely on outdated tactics, technologies, and information.

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I love this company and the service they provide!
My phone broke but even though Bear Country Bees wasn't able to get hold of me to set an appointment for picking up my order, they still made arrangements to get my things to me without me asking. I was absolutely blown away that they would go to such lengths to make sure I got what I ordered. Additionally, I really appreciate that the guys at Bear Country Bees responded to my emails in a timely manner and with a personal touch. Their service quality is unmatched by any other beekeeping company. I love this company and the service they provide!
Savannah Clawson Arts & Crafts Enthusiast
Everyone in this Company has a genuine commitment to the success of beekeepers and the survival of their bees
Every interaction I've had with the Bear Country Bees staff has been helpful, professional, and friendly. Everyone in this company has a genuine commitment to the success of beekeepers and the survival of the bees. If any beekeeping company can help bees and beekeepers overcome their current struggles, it's Bear Country Bees. I appreciate their expertise and look forward to getting more advice and products from them as I progress further in my beekeeping journey.
Heather Beecher 2nd-Year Beekeeper
I feel confident that when I have questions or issues, bear Country Bees Will help me resolve them
I've had an awesome experience with these guys! I've purchased almost all of my equipment from them as well as my bee packages. Not only is the equipment high-quality, but they are priced very competitively. 

What makes Bear Country Bees stand out is the support they continued to give me after I had completed my purchases. They've always welcomed my questions in emails and over the phone. I especially love that every time I send them a question, I get a detailed, quality answer back. The advice they have given me has been a HUGE help. I feel confident that when I have questions or issues, Bear Country Bees will help me resolve them.
Joseph Turley 4th-Year Beekeeper
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Bear Country Bees - Testimonial - Mark Knutson
The guys at Bear Country Bees are really professional and personable. They take extra time to coach us when we visit and they're always prepared with extra supplies. We can always count on solid recommendations for what best fits our needs and the needs of our bees.
Mark Knutson 7th-Year Beekeeper

Bear Country Bees - Testimonial - Mary Gerard
Bear Country Bees has a MUCH better service quality than other suppliers I've tried. I'm much more satisfied with what I've received here.
Mary Gerard 6th-Year Beekeeper