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Wintering Your Beehives With 3 Simple (But Effective) Steps

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Don't make wintering your beehives a 100-point checklist like the old-time beekeepers (and even some of the new guys) insist you do. Instead, use our 3 simple principles of wintering to give your hives the best possible chance at survival during the colder months. In this course, you'll discover how to save massive amounts of time, energy, money, and other resources that you otherwise would have spent trying to keep your hives alive. 

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Course Structure

Wintering Beehives: Simplify Your Wintering Checklist

When wintering your hives, you don't need to resort to lengthy checklists and countless hours of effort to keep your hives alive. This lesson will show you how you can greatly increase your hive survival rate with just one hour of work.

Leaving Enough Honey & How It Helps Your Hive Survive

Taking too much honey during extraction is almost a guarantee that your bees won't survive the winter. In this lesson, you'll learn how much honey you should leave for your bees & why it's so important to leave that amount.

Stronger Hives Are Better Than More Hives

It's tempting to want to have more hives rather than focusing on hive strength. However, as a beekeeper, you should always choose the latter. In this lesson, you'll learn why you should strive for stronger colonies and how to tell if you need to combine your hives. 

Protection From the Elements: Giving Your Bees a Bigger Edge

Work smarter rather than harder when protecting your hives from the snow, negative temperatures, and other dangers during the cold months. In this lesson, you'll learn the smart way to protect your bees from these dangers. 

Recap & Resources

Get access to free bonus resources we've put together for you to use as you winter your hive. You can also share them with other beekeepers who have questions or need help with wintering their hives.