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  • 3 lb. Carniolan Honey Bee Package (Local Pickup Only)

3 lb. Carniolan Honey Bee Package (Local Pickup Only)


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The 3 lb. Carniolan Honey Bee Package is perfect for beekeepers looking to get an early start in the spring. Carniolan honey bees are best known for being the first bees to begin foraging in the spring, so it's great choice if you need to give your bees as much time as possible to forage. In addition, Carniolan bees are generally more docile than many other species and typically build up a lot of beeswax.

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Installing a bee package can be a relatively easy process or you can use the old methods to make it much more complicated. See ​the video below for​ a tutorial we put together for one of our update letters that shows​ how to do it the easy way.


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