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Honey Chef

Hand-crafted, homemade recipes that incorporate the use of raw honey to provide healthier meals that still taste good.


The best way to start your day is with a healthy, filling breakfast topped with raw honey to help you further enjoy your meal. Easily prepare nutritious, tasty breakfasts to start your day off right. 

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A solid lunch gives you a much needed mid-day energy boost that will increase your health and productivity. Find some easy honey lunch recipes that you can take on the go or enjoy at home. 


Dinner is easily the most versatile meal of the day with endless opportunities for creating amazing dishes. Explore the mouthwatering honey dishes you can have for your favorite meal. 

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Everybody needs a good dessert now and then. It's not as common to use honey in desserts but we have some incredible Honey Chef recipes that do. Enjoy these recipes and experiment with your own!

Healthy Choices

Honey is a healthy food that adds various health benefits and natural sweetness to wholesome dishes many people want for a healthier lifestyle. Try out these Healthy Choice recipes and live a better day.

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Honey Chef History

When we began beekeeping as a hobby in 2004, we had no idea how much we'd come to love the taste of good raw honey. In fact, we love it almost as much as we love our honey bees! As a natural consequence, we experimented off and on with different recipes that used honey and kept track of the ones we liked the best.

In November of 2012, we officially launched as Bear Country Bees. As our business  developed, we decided to share some of the recipes we'd gathered over the years so that others could try them. We received requests to publish them on our website which led to the creation of the Honey Chef brand. 

Since Honey Chef launched, we've created over 25 honey recipes and are always working to add more. 

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Healthy Choices

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