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Beehive (Skep) Beeswax Candle
16 oz. Honey Bear

Bee Package & Nuc pre-orders for the 2022 season are now open! Click below to be directed to our pre-order page and secure your bees for the upcoming season.


What Customers Say About Their Bee Package Experience

Beekeeping supply companies don't have good track records for providing amazing customer service, especially when it comes to delivering a great bee package experience. We feel that it's our responsibility to change that. This is the type of experience you can expect when you order a bee package from Bear Country Bees:

I haven't had a good experience with the other suppliers in the area, but I really like the way these guys do business. One thing that has impressed me all along the way with Bear Country Bees is that they are very good at communicating in a professional and timely manner. My other favorite thing is that they arranged a bee package drop-off in Salt Lake City for those of us that live farther away so we didn't have to travel as far even though their main pickup event was an hour away. That was a nice personal touch. All around great service!

Mark Wirthlin

4th-year beekeeper

Bear Country Bees has a MUCH better service quality than other bee package suppliers I've tried. I'm much more satisfied with what I received here. They made it very easy to order bee packages and kept me very well updated on the arrival status.

Mary Gerard

6th-year beekeeper

The Package Pickup Event that the guys at Bear Country Bees put on was really enjoyable! Not only were they really professional and personable, we appreciated that they took extra time to coach us while we were there. They were really prepared with extra supplies and made solid recommendations on what would best fit our needs. We'll definitely order from them in the future!

Mark Knutson

7th-year beekeeper

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