Bear Country Bees

Honey Bee Swarm Removal For Utah, Salt Lake, & Juab County

Send us details about the swarm you found:


Are swarms threatening to passersby?

As long as you don't disturb the swarm, the bees shouldn't cause any problems.

During a swarm honey bees are extremely docile. They are focused on finding a new home and protecting the queen.

As long as you don't threaten the queen, the swarm should stay clumped together until we can come pick them up.

Should I spray the bees?

If at all possible, please do not spray the bees!

Honey bees are a precious (and increasingly scarce) resource for the planet and we want to keep these colonies alive wherever possible.

During swarming, the bees shouldn't cause any problems. As such, please do everything you can to wait until we can come remove the bees for you.

How long does the removal take?

Where possible, we like to remove the bees the same day that you tell us about them.

Sometimes, this is not possible, however, and we may have to remove the bees within a few days of you sending us the details. The bees should be just fine and should not bother anyone as long as you give them space.

In some cases, the swarm removal process may require more than one day to complete. This is especially true if the swarm is in a difficult spot (such as under floor boards), is very high up, or otherwise proves difficult to remove.

Important Note About Timing: Swarm removal is best completed during the evening hours or after dark as it presents the greatest opportunity to capture as many bees as possible.

We know that this can be unnerving to some folks who want the bees removed immediately. We ask that you be patient while we determine the best time to capture the swarm based on the situation we're presented with.

Are bees aggressive when swarming?

No. Even though a swarm can be nerve-wracking to look at, honey bees are extremely docile during swarming.

As long as you give the swarm a little bit of space, the bees shouldn't bother anyone.

What precautions should I take?

Generally speaking, you shouldn't have to do much.

Do what you can to steer people away from the swarm and if you can, cordon off the area so that we have room to work when we arrive.

Lastly, if anything changes in the swarm's behavior (moves locations, etc.), please reach out to us right away via the form above and let us know.

Do honey bees damage structures?

During short periods of time (a few days or even a week), the honey bees won't have been around long enough to cause any damage to structures.

If left long enough (several weeks, months, or years), however, bees can cause a structural damage as they begin to make their home.

If you notice signs of honey bees in your home, business, or another structure, report it to a local beekeeper immediately.