​Financial Stewardship

​Bear Country Bees ​is committed to exercising ​good stewardship of your Adopt-A-Hive contributions. We are grateful for the trust you place in our work and our ability to make resources stretch as far as possible in our quest to help save more honey bees.

​Your generous gifts ​help us to provide a suitable living space, medications, transportation, and more for your adopted ​bee colon​y(s). They also help us to administer th​is program and raise additional funds to allow us to help even more bees. ​All remaining funds help fund honey bee research​ initiatives.

​Though neither our business nor Adopt-A-Hive ​is organized as a 501(c)(3) (i.e. charitable organization), we​ feel that it is ​critical for us to ​provide transparency and accountability ​for the funds ​you ​contribute. We encourage you to view the ​Financial Allocation section below ​to see how funds are distributed to administer the needs of this wonderful program.

At the end of the day, ​we want you to be able to feel ​proud knowing that you've supported one of the most important causes in the world: saving ​more honey bees. 

Additionally, we hope that if you ​have not yet had the chance to adopt your own beehive​that you'll consider doing so today.

​Financial Allocation

Below is a percentage breakdown of how funds are allocated in a given year to provide for the needs of your adopted bees:

You can also download a PDF of our annual reports for any previous years.


​Click to ​download the annual report

​Adopt Your Own Beehive

​There's no better time to become an Adoptive Parent to one of our bee​ colonies.

Choose your adoption package below and claim the associated gift set as a small token of our thanks for your support of this program!


Provide The Essentials


1-Year Adoption

​Here's what you'll get:

  • ​Official adoption certificate
  • ​4" x 6" printed hive photo​
  • ​4 ​quarterly update letters
  • ​12 oz. honey bear

Secure Payment.


​Worker Bee

​Cover All ​The Expenses


1-Year Adoption

Everything in Brood and...

  • 5" x 7" hive photo*
  • ​Authentic, ​wooden honey dipper
  • ​Stained-glass honey bee ​suncatcher
  • ​24 oz. honey bear*
  • ​Handmade hexagonal bee pen

Secure Payment.


​​Help Your ​Adopted Hive ​Prosper


1-Year Adoption

​Everything in ​Worker Bee and...

  • ​Name your adopted queen
  • ​8" x 10" hive photo*
  • ​​Queen​'s gift basket
  • ​3 lb. honey jug*

Secure Payment.