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The Package Pickup Event that the guys at Bear Country Bees put on was really enjoyable! Not only were they really professional and personable, we appreciated that they took extra time to coach us while we were there."
- Mark Knutson


About Your Bee Packages

Each year, Bear Country Bees delivers 3 lb. Italian & Carniolan bee packages to beekeepers in the Utah and Salt Lake county areas. These bees are reared in the finest, most reputable apiaries in California and transported safely to Utah for pickup. 

Over the years, Bear Country Bees has provided hundreds of bee packages to beekeepers from all experience levels and walks of life.

*Note: all bee packages come with a queen, bee cage and a feeder can.

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Package Pickup Options

Check out the locations & times to the right to find the option that is best for you.

Plan To Be Flexible!

The unpredictable nature of agriculture can create scheduling challenges for picking up your bee packages. This gets more problematic when the apiaries are forced to change our assigned pickup date due to weather or other barriers cause delays.

We ask you to please be patient and flexible as we work with the apiaries to secure these bees for you.

To help make things easier, we do everything we can to reasonably provide options on when and where you pick up your bees. This is something that no other beekeeping supply company in our area offers!

Bear Country Bees has a MUCH better service quality than other suppliers I've tried. I'm much more satisfied with what I received here. They made it very easy to order bee packages and kept me very well updated on the arrival status. "

Mary Gerard - 4th-Year Beekeeper

Office Hours Event Replay

Did you miss the live event? Not to worry! Click the play button below to watch the event replay and see what is going to be different at this year's Bee Package Pickup event. You can also download our slide deck below.

Download The Event Slides

Click below to download a PDF of the slides we used at the online event

Installing A Bee Package The EASY Way

Most online demo videos that teach you how to install bee packages showcase what we call the "Shake & Bang Method".

The reality is that this method is completely unnecessary. There's a much better and easier way to install your bees. We've created a blog post entirely dedicated to the subject that we encourage you to take a look at. 

Watch the videos below to learn how to install bees the EASY way.

Dry Run

Live Demo

What To Expect

What's Different About Our Bee Package Pickup Event?

Our bee package pickup event is one-of-a-kind in the beekeeping industry. It's not just a logistical hand-off. When you come to pick up your bees, you'll get access to additional supplies, hands-on package installation instruction, 1:1 beekeeper training, Q&A sessions, and more. We've got everything you'll need to get a successful start to your season. You won't leave disappointed!

But it doesn't stop there! Even after our pickup event, we're still here for you. We don't just pass your bees off to you only to disappear until the next time you need to buy bees or beekeeping supplies.

We stick around to provide you with on-going resources throughout the season starting with Backyard Beekeeping Launchpad, our new state-of-the-art online course for new backyard beekeepers. We also have loads of free articles, online courses, and other resources we're consistently releasing along with our world-class support to give you everything you need to become a successful beekeeper.

Online Office Hours New*

Get the latest information on Pickup Event logistics, training, a Q&A session, and more.

Convenient Online Resources

Get 24/7 access to all of our online articles, courses and other beekeeping resources.

On-Going Support

Even after our Pickup Event, we're here to answer questions you have throughout the season.

OTher's experiences

What Our Customers Say

I haven't had a good experience with the other suppliers in the area, but I really like the way these guys do business. One thing that has impressed me all along the way with Bear Country Bees is that they are very good at communicating in a professional and timely manner. My other favorite thing is that they arranged a bee package drop-off in Salt Lake City for those of us that live farther away so we didn't have to travel as far even though their main pickup event was an hour away. That was a nice personal touch. All around great service!

Mark Wirthlin

2nd-Year Beekeeper

Make sure you have the latest pickup details

In order to get the most out of our Bee Package Pickup event, check out our Real-Time Updates regularly to make sure you're in the loop all along the way. As soon as we have new details, you'll have access to them.


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