3 lb. Italian Honey Bee Package - Docile Bees & Great Honey Production

3 lb. Italian Honey Bee Package

3 lb. Italian Honey Bee Package


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The 3 lb. Italian honey bee package is our favorite bee package. We always recommend it to our beekeepers because Italian honey bees generally exhibit the best combination of the best traits found in many other bee species. They generally have more mild temperaments (are more docile) than many other species, are known for creating strong colonies and typically produce a great supply of honey.

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At this point in time, we are only able to provide local pickups or arranged drop-offs for our 3 lb. Italian Honey Bee Package.

The reason we can't do any shipping currently is that most carriers will not ship live honey bees. Those that do are often not very careful which can kill the bees. Because of this, we have to bring in the bees from California ourselves and have had to adopt a local pickup or drop-off only policy until we can find a suitable alternative shipping solution that protects the bees. 

For additional information on shipping and pickups, please Contact Us.

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