Bear Country Balm


Bear Country Balm is a soothing beeswax lip balm handmade from the finest materials to ensure the best possible skin hydration. It contains pure beeswax.


Bear Country Balm is our soothing beeswax lip balm that is handmade using 100% pure beeswax that has been filtered to remove impurities. Other natural ingredients are combined with our beeswax to create the best possible lip balm for smooth, un-chapped lips. Our goal with our Bear Country Balm is to help you keep your lips hydrated for as long as possible.

At Bear Country Bees, we focus on using the finest ingredients to ensure that our customers have the best natural skin care possible. We take pride in using only natural materials in creating all of our beeswax products, including our Bear Country Balm.

For general information on beeswax, honey bees, beekeeping, and more, visit our Education Center.


French Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Lemon, Coconut & Peaches


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