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Beekeeping Starter Kit

Beekeeping Starter Kit


Our Beekeeping Starter Kit has all the necessary equipment for beekeepers to get started. It contains a beekeeping suit, a fully assembled hive, a hive tool, and a smoker.


Our Beekeeping Starter Kit is the best option for new beekeepers as it contains all the necessary equipment needed to get started. This kit includes a fully assembled and painted hive, a full beekeeping suit with goatskin gloves, a stainless steel smoker, and a hive tool in this kit.

Purchasing this Beekeeping Starter Kit gives beekeepers a nice discount as opposed to buying all of these items separately. In addition, it saves beekeepers a significant amount of time by not having to assemble and collect all the necessary items themselves. We've already done it for you!

*All equipment comes ready for use.
**Honey bee packages sold separately here

Products included in the Beekeeping Starter Kit:

Additional information

Weight 70.00 lbs
Dimensions 28.00 × 28.00 × 50.00 in

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