Hive Bottoms


The Hive Bottom supports the weight of a beehive, elevates it for better ventilation, and provides ease of access in and out of the hive.

The Hive Bottom is one of the most crucial building blocks for a beehive because it adds greater protection, provides easy access for the bees, and makes it easier for beekeepers to check on the hive. 

One of the best features of the hive bottom is the narrow entrance which allows bees within the hive to enter and exit easily. Simultaneously, it allows guard bees to better protect and defend the hive from intruders.

The hive bottom cut from high-quality pine wood and will support both hive bodies and supers.​ It is available in unassembled, assembled unpainted, and assembled painted.

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For durability, we assemble hive bottoms (and all of our other woodenware products) using commercial grade wood glue and screws. Using commercial grade materials helps gives the nuc an extra measure of sturdiness which helps to keep the wood from breaking or falling apart. For maximum strength, wood glue is is dried for a minimum of 24 hours before hive bodies are shipped.


When assembling your own woodenware, it is advised to use commercial grade wood glue and screws. We also highly recommend that you paint the wood with 2 coats of paint to provide additional protection from the elements.

For those that want to put together the woodenware themselves but don't know how, click here to see a tutorial for assembling your own woodenware.

Weight 4.14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16.25 × 2.25 in

Unassembled Unpainted, Assembled Unpainted, Assembled Painted


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