Products & Services

Products & Services


Raw, local honey bottled in sizes ranging from 2 oz. honey bears to 5 gallon buckets. See all available sizes on our Honey Page.

Beekeeping Equipment:

Equipment for new and experienced beekeepers. Available equipment includes beekeeping suits, hats, veils, gloves, bee brushes, smokers, hive tools, extractors, sieves, beehives, and frames. Visit our online Store to see all sizes and varieties.

Beeswax Candles:

Decorative candles made from pure beeswax. We render our wax to strain out impurities in order to provide the purest scent for our candles. Decorative varieties of candles are Christmas tree, beehive skep, tropical fish, floating heart, lying wolf, pine cone, teddy bear, turtle, howling wolf, frog, and 3" cylinder. See them on our Beeswax Candles Page.

Beeswax Skin Care Products:

We combine beeswax with Vitamin E, coconut oil, petrolatum, and other products frequently used to promote healthier skin to create our all-natural beeswax skin care products. We currently make 5 flavors of beeswax lip balm: strawberry, french vanilla, mint, coconut & peaches, and lemon. Try one of our amazing beeswax lip balm flavors.

Adopt-A-Hive Program:

Many people know that the honey bees face severe challenges and want to help, but don't know how. Our Adopt-A-Hive program is the solution to this problem. Those that want to help can do so by adopting one of our hives for one year. By becoming an “adoptive parent”, you help your adopted beehive receive needed food, supplies, and treatments. We take care of all of the work so even those with no beekeeping experience can contribute. We have a variety of adoption packages along with additional information available on our Adopt-A-Hive Page. All hive adoptions come with an official adoption certificate, a photo of your adopted hive, and varying quantities of Bear Country Honey. More sizable donations receive additional gifts.

Gift Cards:

Gift cards are perfect gifts to give to others. With our gift cards, customers can purchase our honey, skin care products, beekeeping equipment, or beeswax candles. Limits are $5 minimum and $1,000 maximum. For more on our gift cards, please contact our customer service at

The Honey Chef Recipes:

Our recipes incorporate the use of our local honey to make our delectable dishes. We offer some simple recipes as well as some more intensive recipes so that anyone, regardless of cooking experience, can make our delicious foods. Available recipes are available on The Honey Chef portion of our website.

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