Ready-to-Go 5-Frame Nuc

Ready-to-Go 5-Frame Nuc

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The Ready-to-Go 5-Frame Nuc comes with 3 lbs. of bees installed which gives you the opportunity to create a stronger bee colony to help replenish weak hive population or rear additional queens. 

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Nuc is short for "Nucleus Hive" and is just a smaller version of a hive body (deep). A Ready-to-Go 5-Frame Nuc includes not only the woodenware, but also comes with 3 lbs. of bees installed so you can hit the ground running. Nucs are the standard size most beekeepers use because it provides you the best opportunities to create stronger bee colonies. A strong nuc can be used to help replenish weak hive populations or rear additional queens. 5-frame nuc boxes are small and compact making transportation easy.

  • Included
  • Installation
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The following items are included with the Ready-to-Go 5-Frame Nuc:

  • 1 nuc top
  • 1 nuc bottom
  • 2 nuc long sides
  • 2 nuc short sides
  • 5 hive body frames
  • 3 lbs. of bees
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Additional information

Bee Species

Italian, Carniolan

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