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Improving Poor Customer Service In The Beekeeping Industry
Jun 27

Why Beekeeping Companies Have Poor Customer Service & What They Should Do About It

Why We're The Best

​Have you ever been to a beekeeping supply shop and ​received ​a poor customer service experience​? 

If so, you're​ certainly not the only customer that has ​had this problem.

​It seems like ​there are very few beekeeping companies ​that can both:

  1. ​understand the meaning of good service ​
  2. turn that understanding into reality for their customers

​In this blog post, you'll discover what those few select beekeeping supply companies do to make their customer experience an absolute delight.

How To Render Your Own Beeswax - Education Center Course
May 11

New Education Center Course: Render Your Own Beeswax at Home For Less Than $15

Why We're The Best

​​Due to popular request, we're excited to announce the release of our latest Education Center course: ​Render Your Own Beeswax at Home For Less Than $15.

​If you're a beekeeper that harvests your own honey and beeswax or ​consider yourself an artsy/DIY type that loves makes products out of beeswax, this is a great (free) course for you to take.

​The rest of this post explains why.