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Learn From Our Beekeeping Journey With Our Updated About Page


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Over the past couple of years, we’ve been updating all of the major portions of our website to give you access to better functionality and more robust information.

In today’s update, we’re continuing on the redesign warpath to one of the most visited pages on our entire website: our About page.

But why this page? This post unveils those details as well as exposing some of our rather rocky journey as backyard beekeepers.


Why Redesign The About Page?

As we work with customers and beekeepers, one of the most common things people have asked us is how we got to where we are.

People are interested in hearing the story of our beekeeping journey so that they can learn from our successes and (many) failures. This is part of the reason why this page is visited by so many people.

As our journey continues to evolve, we want others to continue to learn from our story. To help with that, we’ve realized that our About page needed some serious TLC.

Our Rocky Path Has Shaped Our Approach To Backyard Beekeeping

If you’ve followed us for a while, you might know that our beekeeping journey has been anything but smooth.

We got started in backyard beekeeping long before it was the sexy thing to do.

Back then, there were only two groups of people who did beekeeping: those in agriculture with a minimum of 25 beehives…

…or the clueless, ragtag MacCabe bunch 🙂

But of course, we were oblivious and jumped straight in.

The Two Types of Beekeepers Back When We Started

Beekeepers with 25+ beehives
The Rag Tag Maccabe clan

To put it mildly, we had no idea what we were doing. We jumped from one bad idea to another without any sort of guidance or direction.

In fact, when you look at our entire journey, we made more mistakes in our first 3 years than any backyard beekeeper has any business making. Ever.

We were so bad at beekeeping that we lost tens of thousands of dollars on what was supposed to be a “hobby”. Frankly, we should have given up a long time ago.

But we were too dumb to quit.

Through the hard lessons we learned over the years, we finally learned how to keep our bees alive and have more success each year.

As we continued to get better, we eventually morphed our hobby into our current business.

Though it didn’t feel like it along the way, looking back, we can clearly see that all of the hard mistakes we made have helped us pave the road to where we are now.

But even more important, we now understand how we can help our beekeepers avoid making our same mistakes.

It’s this mission to help our beekeepers that inspires us to create blog articles like the one you’re reading, our (free) online beekeeping courses, our start-to-finish online training course for new beekeepers, upkeep our newsletter, and yes, update our About page.

We certainly learned the hard way, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Learn From Our Journey (Including Mistakes)

In order to get the most out of your beekeeping, I’d like to encourage you to do one thing above all else:

Learn from our mistakes and be better beekeepers than we were when we started

If you do nothing else as a backyard beekeeper, you’ll already have it made.

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What Else Do You Want To Know About Us?

In today’s post, we’ve given you a brief look at our journey as a company and introduced a brand new About page. If you haven’t checked out the new page, I’d invite you to go take a look to get an even more complete picture.

Then, tell us what else you want to know about our company (including successes we’ve had or mistakes we’ve made) by leaving us a comment below.

Bryce MacCabe

About the author

Bryce MacCabe

Bryce is the CEO/CMO of Bear Country Bees and is in charge of marketing, strategy, and innovation. When he isn't obsessing over creating the best possible experience for backyard beekeepers, he loves reading Star Wars, visiting new places, studying and launching rockets, and spending time with his family.

He also sells weather and astronomy equipment and loves observing clouds, lightning, and storms.

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