November 11

Brand New Design For Our (Much) More Robust Contact Page + Support Enhancements


Despite it being the slow season for beekeeping, a lot has been happening here at Bear Country Bees over the past several months.

Hot on the heels of our most recent update, we’ve got another exciting change to our website: a brand new contact page complete with incredible new features.

But that’s not all. We’re also exposing part of our support roadmap with specific plans we have to improve your experience with support requests.

Keep reading to discover what you can expect.


A Brief History Of Updates To Our Site

Starting last year, we introduced two major updates to our website starting with a more modern, user-friendly homepage redesign.

This was soon followed by a complete overhaul of our Adopt-A-Hive program with new packages, expanded gift set options, and so much more.

Then, we began the long and difficult road of redesigning our Store and Blog programs; the two most popular destinations on our website.

After nearly a year of reconfiguring systems and redesigning the interface, we excitedly announced the biggest website update in our company’s history last month with more helpful features, greater usability, and a gorgeous new experience.

Every one of these changes has been incredibly well received by our customers and subscribers.

Now, it’s time for another page to join the ranks of our more modern website experience.

Introducing: The New Contact Page

The new Contact page is chock full of updated features that will can help you find answers, view resources, and get in touch with us quickly and easily.

To help get you oriented, here is the breakdown of the new page layout.

The Contact Form

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get to the redesigned page is this beautifully-designed and intuitive contact form:

Bear Country Bees Contact Form
Quickly and easily send detailed messages to our support team using the new contact form. Just fill in the three required fields and click the "Send Message" button. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!

We’ve created this form to allow you to send detailed messages so that we can better assist you with your request. It’s a super easy process and the experience is smooth as butter.

To send a message directly to our support team, simply fill out these three required fields in the form:

Required Fields

  • Your name
  • Your email (so we can respond)
  • Your message with questions, concerns, comments, etc.

After that, simply click the “Send Message” button and you’re done! We’ll review your message and get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer.

This form is a major upgrade from our previous contact methods and we think you’re going to love it.

Helpful Links

Right next to the new form, we’ve brought more exposure to some of our most helpful resources:

Contact Page Resources - Bear Country Bees
Before sending a message to our support team, you may find it helpful to view our resources that can help you find an answer to your questions even faster.

As of this writing, we are currently featuring our:


Get instant answers to some of the most common questions we receive

Free Articles

Learn facts & science about honey bees and beekeeping

Beekeeper Training Course

Discover how to become a backyard beekeeper 100% online

In the future, we’ll feature different links to provide easier access to the most helpful resources as we develop them.

Newsletter Signup Opportunity

For quite some time, we’ve featured our no spam, no ads, no B.S. newsletter that our subscribers have absolutely loved.

And while we’ve always provided the option to signup here, you can now easily subscribe to our newsletter right from the contact page:

Contact Page Newsletter Signup - Bear Country Bees
If you want to receive on-going communication about beekeeping, honey bees, things we're working on, and more, be sure to signup for our newsletter. There are a number of subscriber-exclusive perks you'll receive (list below).

As a subscriber, you’ll get an incredible set of benefits including the following:

Subscriber Benefits

  • Notifications when we publish new, useful content to our website
  • Instant access to all of our free courses
  • Occasional subscriber-only content
  • Special announcements & sweet deals
  • And more!

If you like what you’ve seen so far on the Bear Country Bees site, I’d encourage you fill out and submit your information at this section. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


If you prefer to quickly find your own answer as opposed to waiting for a response from support, this section might possibly be your favorite:

Contact Page FAQs - Bear Country Bees
We've compiled a list of the questions we get most frequently from our customers. Simply click the toggle and the answers will appear. Over time, we'll work to add more FAQs to this list.

As you can see, we’ve added some of the main FAQs on the contact page so you can quickly get answers to those questions and we do have plans to add more in the future.

Behind The Scenes Updates

I really hope you like what we’ve done with the new Contact page.

This new page experience isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on though. There’s also been a lot happening behind the scenes.

Today, I’m also going to outline improvements we’re working on with our support systems.

Customer Support Improvements

In the past few years, we’ve seen exponential increases in support requests. This has been especially true throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve seen a massive rise in sales volumes which means more support. At the same time, we’ve introduced new products and completely overhauled most of our programs which has also increased support requests.

Despite Herculean efforts, we’ve simply struggled to keep up with these requests.

We apologize if you’ve had any difficulties getting in touch with us recently and want to assure you that we are working on a number of solutions.

More Robust Systems

In tandem with the new Contact page design, we’ve been testing new support systems that will allow us to respond more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

With today’s page redesign announcement, we are deploying some of those very systems starting with the new contact form.

This form is without question the fastest and easiest way for us to get you the answers you are looking for so please make use of this new system.

Solution #1
More Robust Systems

Focus on more efficient systems that allow our support team to respond more quickly and accurately to your requests. 

The new contact form is one of these systems. Please use this form as it will greatly help us get back to your requests as quickly as possible.

Combatting Fake Communications

We’re also looking at various ways to combat the drastic rise of spam calls and obscene amounts of phishing emails that flood lines of communication for businesses like ours on a daily basis.

While the process is still in the vetting stage, we are very optimistic about our roadmap to block the fakes so we can reserve our support resources for genuine requests like yours.

Solution #2
Combatting Fake Communications

Individuals and businesses alike are plagued by hoards of spam calls and phishing emails. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of support resources to vet the true requests from the fake ones.

We are looking at various methods of using software to block, filter, and remove spam communications before it even makes it to our support team. 

That way we can reserve those support resources for genuine requests like yours.

Knowledge Base

I’m particularly excited about this initiative 🙂

We are in the very early stages of developing a knowledge base (basically FAQ pages on steroids) to be announced at some point in the future.

With the help of a knowledge base, we can provide a self-service support option to give you instant answers to the majority of your questions. It also empowers our team to provide accurate answers more quickly and at scale.

Solution #3
Knowledge Base

We are in the very early stage of building a knowledge base to give you a self-service support option for instant answers rather than having to wait on a response from support.

In addition, the knowledge base will allow our support team to answer more questions in less time.

Additional Personnel

In addition to leveraging software, we’re working to expand our support team especially during seasons of heightened requests (e.g. our bee package & nuc pickup events).

It will take time to train new staff and get everything up to speed, but we anticipate that expanding our support team will alleviate a large portion of the load our team is currently handling.

Solution #4
Additional Personnel

We are working to expand our support team especially during seasons of heightened support requests (e.g. bee package & nuc pickup events). 

Our goal is to make sure we have the proper infrastructure and get the right people on our team. It will take time for us to build everything out, but we anticipate that this also help us respond to your inquiries faster than before.

We’re Dedicated To Incredible Support

Improving support is one of our biggest initiatives at Bear Country Bees. It’s also one of the most challenging aspects of running our business but we’re moving this forward in full force.

We anticipate that by leveraging these solutions, we’ll be able to provide you with more timely and robust support.

As always, we’re open to any feedback you have so please don’t be shy about sharing.

In the end, we hope that you have a delightful experience with our support like these folks did:

Savannah Clawson Testimonial | Bear Country Bees

Savannah Clawson  // Arts & Crafts Enthusiast

These Guys Have Unmatched Service Quality!

I really appreciate that the guys at Bear Country Bees responded to my emails in a timely manner and with a personal touch. Their service quality is unmatched by any other beekeeping company. I love this company and the service they provide!

Nicole Wise  // Backyard Beekeeper

I'm Thrilled With The Service I've Received

I’ve been thrilled with the service I’ve gotten from Bear Country Bees. They were very helpful every step of the way from the first phone call to getting my order to me...[their service] saved me a lot of time and it was really appreciated!

In the end, we want you to have a smile on your face because of your interactions with us. It is what we strive for each and every day.

Now It’s Your Turn

You’ve been exposed to our new Contact page experience, but I’d love to know what you think. If you have a support request, take that shiny new contact form out for a spin!

Do you like what we’ve done with the page? If so, what do you like best about the new experience? If you could change one thing, what would it be? What else can we add to make this page even more helpful?

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on our plans for better support systems.

What do you think of our solutions for better support? Do you agree with what we’ve outlined? Disagree? What else should we consider to give you even better support systems?

Please leave us a comment below with your ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Bryce MacCabe

About the author

Bryce MacCabe

Bryce is the CEO/CMO of Bear Country Bees and is in charge of marketing, strategy, and innovation. When he isn't obsessing over creating the best possible experience for backyard beekeepers, he loves reading Star Wars, visiting new places, studying and launching rockets, and spending time with his family.

He also sells weather and astronomy equipment and loves observing clouds, lightning, and storms.

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