August 6

What Do You Think Of Our Newly Redesigned Looks?


At Bear Country Bees, we’re pretty passionate about providing the best possible experience to our beekeepers and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on several important projects that aim to do just that.

In today’s post, we’re announcing 2 exciting changes that we’ve been working on that will provide a richer, cleaner, and more streamlined experience in how you interact with us (especially online).

We think you’re going love these 2 updates 🙂

Watch the video for the official announcement then read the post for additional (important) details.


Announcement #1: Logo Redesign

Many of you have grown to love our current Bear Country Bees logo (below) as you’ve moved through your beekeeping journey. We’re pretty fond of it too 🙂

Bear Country Bees Logo (Old)

The Bear Country Bees logo we all love

This logo is a symbol that our customers have come to trust as a source of reliable beekeeping information and help as well as high-quality beekeeping supplies.

While we revere this level of trust and love everything our logo stands for, it’s time for us to take things to the next level.

We’ve been working on a new logo behind the scenes for a while now and are thrilled to unveil this for you today (if you’ve been paying close attention, you may have seen it in a few places in the wild)

Here’s the new look of Bear Country Bees:

Bear Country Bees New Logo

Introducing the new, modern look of Bear Country Bees!

We’re pretty excited about sharing this beautifully-designed new logo with you. It presents a great step forward and we anticipate that you’re going to love it.

But that’s not all…

In addition to redesigning the official Bear Country Bees logo, we’ve also designed brand new logos for all of our different programs!

Here’s a quick look at each of them:

We hope that you like these beautifully-designed new logos as much as we do and that you’ll join us in giving a big shout out to our designer who made all of this possible.

When & Where Will The New Logos Be Released?

We will begin updating to our new logos effective immediately in all of the places you’re used to seeing the Bear Country Bees brand.

This includes the following:

  • The Bear Country Bees website
  • Our social media accounts (listed below)
  • Local listings (such as on Google & Bing - also below)
  • Business cards & signs
  • Etc.

In the future, we’ll also be updating our branding in a number of other places. As these updates become available, we’ll post official announcements here on the blog.

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Announcement #2: Website Redesign

We frequently get comments about how much our customers love using the Bear Country Bees website as it provides the cleanest and most enjoyable website experience in the beekeeping industry.

Well…we just kicked things up a BIG notch

Our second announcement is that we’ve also been hard at work redesigning our entire website with the goal of providing you with a cleaner and more seamless experience than ever before.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new Bear Country Bees homepage will look like:

Redesigned Homepage for Bear Country Bees

And just for kicks, we’ve put a spoiler below on the next page in line to be updated. If the anticipation is too much, take a look below 🙂  

As you can see, this new website experience is unlike any other you’ll find in the beekeeping industry. We’ve completely re-engineered the website from top to bottom to help you get where and what you want in a faster and easier way.

However, we can’t take full credit for this gorgeous new website.

This entire redesign is possible in large part due to you providing us with the feedback we requested.

Thus, we have you to thank for providing us with the much needed feedback that helps us make our products, services, and our entire experience better for you.

Please keep it coming!

Thanks To You!
Old Bear Country Bees Website - Homepage
Is Becoming....
Bear Country Bees Homepage Redesign

When Will The New Website Be Released?

Unlike the new logos which (usually) can be updated fairly quickly, an entirely new website experience presents some sizable technical challenges (not including proper testing to make sure everything works correctly).

As such, we’re going to be rolling out updates to our pages one at a time instead of all at once.

We’ll begin rolling out these updates on Saturday, August 10th, starting with the homepage.

Following the update to the homepage, we’ll announce each page’s official update here on the blog including the estimated release date.

Spoiler Alert!

Dying to find out which page will be updated next? Click below to join our newsletter to get a subscribers-only sneak peek!

[thrive_lead_lock id='10529']

And the next page is....


Here's what the page will (mostly) look like when we launch it:
Adopt-A-Hive Page Redesign


Important Note: you’ll continue to see the existing website pages you’re used to until we can fully update everything to the new design. In other words, for a time, you’ll see some of the old and some of the new pages alongside each other on our website.

Once we can transition a new page in, you’ll no longer see the older version(s) of the page. We’ll continue this process until all of our current pages have been transitioned over to the new designs.

Do You Like The New Looks?

Well, there you have it. Our 2 major updates to our logos and website, coming very soon. We couldn’t be more excited about these changes and I hope you are as well!

What do you think? Do you like the changes we’ve made? What do you like or dislike about the new logos? The new website? What changes would you like to see in our products, services, and/or the overall experience we provide?

We’re always interested to hear what you have to say so please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with us!


About the author

Bryce MacCabe

Bryce is the CEO/CMO of Bear Country Bees and is in charge of marketing, strategy, and innovation. When he isn't obsessing over creating the best possible experience for backyard beekeepers, he loves reading Star Wars, visiting new places, studying and launching rockets, and spending time with his family.

He also sells weather and astronomy equipment and loves observing clouds, lightning, and storms.

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